GORILA: IP68 All-terrain waterproof mobile phones

We are exclusive manufacturers of products of strong telephony GORILA , European brand TM. Gorila phones has specialized technical service in Spain . In addition to parts of all kinds of spare parts so that your Gorilla is always operational and accompanies you in your adventures. In addition we put at your disposal spare parts on our website demonstrating once again that we are the ones who give best after-sales service on mobile phones Off road . GORILA is specialized in waterproof ‘waterproof’ mobile phones , very resistant to shocks, so it is undoubtedly the leading brand in Spain in this type of phones.

BLACKVIEW: manufacturer of robust waterproof phones that has reached distribution agreements with GORILA rugged phones , we have a model of Blackview products with warranty in Spain and Andorra .



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All-terrain mobile phones mark a before and after

The GORILA RUGGED PHONES phones always have a long battery life (well above the usual telephone capacity of the market), many of them have MIL and IP certification. These all-terrain mobile phones are the most suitable for certain situations such as, for example, for use in hazardous or extreme sports , for industrial use… in fact, they are ideal for any situation in which the all-terrain mobile phone can get wet , dirty or receive a blow always within the limits of IP68, sock proof, MIL .