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We are the exclusive manufacturer of GORILA rugged phones, European brand TM.

GORILLA RUGGED PHONES is specialized in phones brand waterproof, shock resistant, so it is, without a doubt, the leading brand in Spain of rugged phone.



Phones are supplied with always a long battery life (well above the usual capacity of phones on the market), they possess certification MIL and IP.  These phones are best suited to certain situations as for example, for use in sports or ends, for industrial use, are... in fact, ideal for any situation in which phone can get wet, dirty or you can take a slight hit.




1-       GORILA H

The already famous GORILLA BRVV9 has been enhanced with the new GORILLA H BRVV9H.

It has the same look but incorporates significant improvements in speed (quad core 1. 3 GHz), memory 8 GB ROM, Android 4.4, magnesium chassis (wins in resistance and is less heavy, 174 gr to 160 gr the V9H V9), incorporates two charging cables, and pick up and hang up that they do not activate the display buttons.



Evolution of Mini Gorilla BRVV8. This BRVV6 includes in addition the glass "Gorilla glass", more external rubber protections, 5Mpx camera real (not interpolated) 2,100 mAH battery, and a carrying case to transport it (not a wrapper box).




This phone is the most suitable, only for users who want a basic phone, resistant and with a great drummer at a very economical price. The battery can last up to 15 days standby, making it an ideal phone for hikers, workers in some industries or work without Android.

In addition, we will soon have more news , and , that broaden the range of and cover all needs.


 GORILLA RUGGED PHONES  are products that are far above other competitors for its high quality and its reliability.

GORILLA RUGGED PHONES has service in Madrid, Valencia, Tenerife and Italy.

·      MRW transport service



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